New York Art Exhibition

Fluttered Fantasy

Thursday night was one of magic as Eden Fine Art Gallery opened its Madison Avenue doors to New York City’s art patrons to preview my latest collection Fluttered Fantasy. I was honored to share my mixed media paintings and original photography to enthusiastic supporters of the fine arts.

A Mesmerizing Display

Starting out as a photographer I always took inspiration from the magical forces within nature and the roles humans play in interacting with nature. Through the eye of my lens, I developed a unique view that prompted my early artistic journey. I now reference strength through sensationally spellbinding animals like the black stallion or the wild wolf, as well as strong iconic female celebrities like Kate Moss, Kendal Jenner, and Grace Jones. I use these recognizable images as the backdrop for my composition of butterflies. These backgrounds, whether they be a photo, a realistic charcoal drawing, or a painting take as much care and precision as the placement of the butterflies themselves. I find that these butterflies mesmerize the viewer by adding elegance and grace to every canvas they seem to land on.

Art Exhibition in New York

Showcasing my art at Eden Fine Arts flagship location on Madison Avenue was a sublime experience. The 10,000 square foot gallery opened up to New York’s elite art collectors as they previewed my diverse and daring collection of contemporary art, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Meeting my supporters and sharing my world with them was a very meaningful experience.

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