About SN

SN is an imaginative artist, equally inspired by nature and fantasy. Through his contemporary mixed media artworks, he brings his unique perspective to life. His iconic butterflies decorating angelic woman and fierce animals have been exhibited all over the world, and his original artworks hang in galleries multi-continentally.


This contemporary welcomes you to his fantasy world. SN’s first approach to expressing his love for nature and fantasy was through the framework of photography. From childhood, he was held spellbound by the natural world. At 12 years old SN traded in his bicycle for his first-ever DSLR. Through the lens of his new Canon AE-1, a young SN began to produce fantastical art leading him into a career as a professional photographer.

While his earlier works focused on photography, in 2006, SN presented a new collection of mixed media artworks. Creating his own stylistic collection that is entirely unique, and which suggests an additional take on the artist’s passion for nature. While his previous works focused on the synergetic connections of humans and their natural surroundings, his more recent works express the notion that modernization triumphs over the forces of nature. This is seen predominantly in his works showcasing the relationships if the white man and Native Americans.

Breathtakingly magical, SN conceptualizes images from his own fantasy world into fully realized visions of color and emotion. His latest creations are the outcome of a recent journey into a three-dimensional search. A multidisciplinary artist, SN,  uses mounted butterflies to explore the world of drawing and creating color.

SN’s most popular artworks use his signature butterflies, along with photography, pencil, and charcoal drawings, to create captivating images. He examines contradictory concepts such as destruction and reconstruction, life and death, and fragility and strength. SN’s characteristic use of butterfly skulls blurs the lines between life and death while mesmerizing the viewer. AK-47, an iconic symbol of violence, is also strikingly tranquil as you look upon an image of butterflies that seem to delicately flutter from their chosen place of rest. In stark contrast to the guns and skulls are SN’s butterfly hearts. Adding elegance and grace to every artwork the butterflies are harmonious with the classical symbol of love, joy, and compassion. 

SN’s whimsical world draws in an international audience, capturing their hearts as they are captivated by sentimentalist ideas and exquisite imagery. Always a romantic, SN wants to share his creative eye, express beauty in everything the eye can see, and have his audience fall in love. 

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