SN’s unique mounted butterflies bring color, texture, and dimension to his charcoal and pencil drawings, but there is something yet more unique in his “IBEX,” a mounted butterfly sculpture. The piece incorporates destruction and resurrection — SN’s patented “hunter and creator”– in a daring and captivating combination.

The hollow carcass of an ibex, so seemingly harrowing and morbid, metamorphosizes under the butterflies of SN. Delicately and masterfully placed around the ibex, so natural they seem almost to have arrived there on their own, SN’s dried butterflies take an already beautiful sculpture and bring it to the next level. The skull of the ibex, so synonymous with death, is transformed by the butterflies, so symbolic of life. “IBEX” is a harmonious tribute to seemingly conflicting archetypes, the dead and the alive.


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